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How to choose a book that can really appeal to children

An adult who chooses a book for a child intuitively uses two criteria: does the image appeal to me? Will this book “bring” something to this child? In other words, it combines a purely subjective crit… Perhaps by sliding towards another criterion of choice: in front of a book, the adult could ask himself whether his children or pupils already have in their collection of books of the same style as this one...

Gift ideas for a regressive Christmas

A candy machineA third of adults are addicted to candy.In these complicated times ("of war" as the president would say), we do not deprive ourselves of it and we forget the collateral damage......

Gwendoline Gutierrez, 29, smug lawyer

Gwendoline Gutierrez is a smug woman from Australia who can only speak by day. Physically, she is built like a cat. She strongly dislikes unicorn. She has to save the world from an alien invasion.
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