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Brothels, fine lingerie and ole ole photos: Paris between the wars, capital of pleasure

Brothels, fine lingerie and ole ole photos: Paris between the wars, capital of pleasure

So, was Paris a hurricane of filth, a maelstrom of immorality, an abyss of sin a century ago? Judging by the photos collected by Alexandre Dupouy in "Capital of pleasure, Paris between the two wars", I was born too late, I have complaints to make.Because the book gives me some regrets: all these ladies in uniform light, even in no-dress-at-all, it's charming.

The first pages, already, set the tone: a collection of classified ads, which range from “Visions d'Art” in a most select mansion (10, rue Pupillon) to “Nu Artistique” by Miss Marthe (3, rue Laferrière) through the “Special Bookstore, Disturbing Photos” where “the most charming welcome is reserved for you by the gracious manager, Melle Suzette” (4 rue du Ponceau).Then it is the visit of Paris of 1920, Montparnasse , the artists, the little women, the Quat'zarts ball (alas abandoned in 1966), with a bonus, the portable Kodak.From now on, the photo has become a good girl, democratic.Anyone can stereotype bobonne at oilpé - and making Art, with a capital A.Vocations will not be lacking.

Brothels, fine lingerie and ole ole photos

Joséphine Baker sets an example (Simenon claimed that she had the most beautiful ass in the world, an assertion supported by a rigorous investigation and a scientific approach protocol) .Féral Benga, Senegalese dancer with a dream body, drives girls crazy and the boys of Tabarin, before creating the bar “La Rose Rouge”.The so-called closed houses (by antithesis) proliferate: “The Sphinx”, boulevard Edgar Quinet, sees passing Jean-Paul Sartre and Kiki de Montparnasse, Marlène Dietrich and Blaise Cendrars, while the "One-Two-Two" is frequented by the Maharajah of Kapurthala, Raimu, Michel Simon (obviously), and Tino Rossi.Monsieur X, the official photographer of these ladies, takes them to the countryside to take poses a little, uh, pastoral.

Posted Date: 2021-01-28

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