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Gift ideas for a regressive Christmas

A candy machine

A third of adults are addicted to candy.In these complicated times ("of war" as the president would say), we do not deprive ourselves of it and we forget the collateral damage on the teeth, the waistline, not to mention chemicals they contain.

Let’s also exploit the creative potential of this venial sin with this mini-laboratory..Let us specify that "My candy kiosk" is intended for over 7 years old.It leaves room.

To the gift package, we will still include sachets of agar-agar, vegetable substitute for bovine gelatin, and a tube of organic toothpaste.

My candy kiosk, SentoSphère, 25 euros *

Vegetables for coloring

Who says regressive does not necessarily mean ugly or stupid.Thus, this coloring book is a splendid selection of botanical prints from Larousse editions.We (re) discover plants from the vegetable garden, we cultivate our indoor garden and - secondary benefit - we craves eating vegetables.

Coloring, painting, or reproducing the pictures in this creative hobby book are also welcome art therapy sessions these days - if one is reluctant to the task, delegate it to the child or parent.that we have under the elbow (his own, those of the neighbors ...) to be content to leaf through the pretty pages.

My soup herbarium for coloring, 40 boards from the vegetable garden to detach, color or paint, Flammarion, 10 euros *

Posted Date: 2020-12-19

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